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For those cozy days indoors, why not try out this thrilling game of Winter Would You Rather? Gather your family or friends and get ready to have a blast! With just a click, download and print the game, and you’re all set!

Winter Would You Rather

When we’re stuck at home, boredom often strikes. But worry not! Games like Would You Rather are here to save the day. They require no preparation and offer loads of fun for everyone involved.

My kids absolutely love asking each other Would You Rather questions. Even after exhausting the list, they get creative and come up with their own hilarious questions or move on to other variations, like the Hilarious Would You Rather. The best part is that their imagination keeps the fun going even after the game is over.

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Get Even More Ideas!

If you’re craving more Would You Rather question ideas, we’ve got you covered. Check out these fun lists:

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How to Play Winter Would You Rather

The best part about Winter Would You Rather is how simple it is to play. Anyone can join in on the fun!

Simply scroll down to the list of questions below or download our Winter Would You Rather printable. Then, let the game begin!

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You can choose to have one person ask all the questions, or take turns asking each other. After a question is asked, each player takes turns answering. The only rule is that you can’t say “neither” or “pass.” You have to choose one option, no matter how silly or embarrassing it may be! Listening to everyone’s answers is my favorite part of the game.

You can play with as few as two players, or gather a big group. If you have a large group, split the room into two sides – option A and option B. When a question is called, players make their way to the side of the room that represents their choice.

Allow a few minutes for decision-making and a few more for discussing the answers. Then, move on to the next question!

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Benefits of Winter Would You Rather

Would You Rather questions are not only fun, but they also encourage you to think outside the box. It’s a great brain exercise that doesn’t feel like work at all!

One of the best things about this game is how little preparation is required. Simply grab the questions and start playing right away. I personally love games that require no setup and leave no mess behind.

Moreover, playing Winter Would You Rather sparks interesting conversations among players. Take breaks between questions to hear different perspectives. This fosters empathy and understanding.

Testimonials on the would you rather stating that there are 100+ questions and great for any party and classroom.

Winter Would You Rather Questions

Here’s a taste of what the Winter Would You Rather questions have in store for you:

  • Go ice skating or rollerblading?
  • Build a snowman with your friends or build an igloo by yourself?
  • Stay home from school on a snow day or have an extra day of summer vacation?
  • Wear 2 layers of mittens or 3 layers of gloves?
  • Make 50 snow angels or make a 50 snowman?
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  • Drink hot chocolate or drink hot apple cider?
  • Stay inside in your PJs or go ice fishing?
  • Build a snowman for 2 hours without gloves or get your tongue stuck on a metal pole for 2 hours?
  • See an ice sculpture or see an ice castle?
  • Have a winter birthday party with no friends invited or have a summer birthday party with friends?

White background with blue border; black writing that says a winter would you rather question

These are just a few of the many exciting questions you’ll find in our Winter Would You Rather game. So, what are you waiting for? Let the fun begin!


If you’re a fan of Would You Rather games, you’re in for a treat! Parkside Mansion has an incredible variety of Would You Rather games tailored to different occasions. Whether you’re looking for questions for teens, couples, or holiday-themed questions, we’ve got you covered.

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Remember, all our games are designed to bring joy and laughter to your gatherings. They’re perfect for parties, classrooms, or simply spending quality time with your loved ones.

So, get ready to make unforgettable memories with Parkside Mansion’s Winter Would You Rather game. Download, print, and let the fun begin!

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