Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Couple enjoying the view of Mazinaw Rock from the Rustic Cabin

Do you remember the time when a park captured your heart?

Was it with the call of a loon, the whistle of an oar, the crackling of a campfire?

For many of us, parks helped make us who we are. They defined our childhood. They sculpted our values ​​and our memories. They are a place we come to be with family and a place we come to find ourselves.

Parks give us a lot at every stage of our lives.

Supporting these treasured places in your will helps keep them protected for future generations.

This fall, Ontario Parks will partner with Will Power to help Canadians understand the impact of his legacy.

Your donation matters at Ontario Parks

Many Ontarians do not realize that since 1996, only a very small portion of Ontario Parks’ operating budget has come from tax revenue.

Most of the funding to maintain, manage and protect the parks you love comes from visitor fees, partnerships and, of course, donations.

canoe on misty lake

Your donation helps us:

  • Protect our natural world and the wildlife that lives in it.
  • inspire a sense of ecological stewardship in the next generation
  • safeguard our parks as spaces for outdoor recreation and creating family memories
  • preserve Ontario’s natural and cultural heritage

We know that your family comes first

You don’t have to choose. By donating even a small portion of your wealth, you can have a significant impact on the causes you care about and continue to support your loved ones.

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Text: "I love my daughter.  I also love the environment.  You don't have to choose." Man and woman hugging tree

A legacy gift allows you to make a difference. It allows you to make an impact that may not have been possible during your lifetime and share one last life lesson with your children.

Ready to give

Our friends at Will Power can help you better understand the process of leaving a charitable gift in your will. Talk to a Will Power advisor about different ways to maximize your giving (and your impact).

You can also use Will Power’s legacy calculator to see your potential impact.

If you would like to discuss a legacy gift directly with Ontario Parks or if you would like to notify us about a gift that is already in your will, please call us at 705-313-2462 or contact us at opdonations@ontario. California.

What will be your legacy?