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You’re invited to the annual Bronte Creek Harvest Festival!

You're invited to the annual Bronte Creek Harvest Festival!

On September 23 and 24, 2023, you are invited to the annual Bronte Creek Harvest Festival.

Experience harvest season as it might have been over 100 years ago at Bronte Creek Provincial Park’s historic Spruce Lane Farm!

The history

A member of staff dressed in period clothing offers the visitor a drink.In the 1900s, farms hired extra workers to help grow large harvests, and when it came time to harvest, all the farms competed to get the best farm workers.

In addition to their pay, these workers received food and a place to stay, so a good way to get the best workers was to offer them the best food and drink.

One of Spruce Lane Farm’s main crops was apples (and cider!). By making the best cider and giving it to farm workers, they often attracted better farm workers, reducing costs and increasing the quality of the harvest.

Our cider press will be fully operational during the festival. (You can try some, but first we need your help to press the apples!)

The festival

Presented by Friends of Bronte Creek Park, the annual harvest festival has plenty of things to do for young and old.

Staff will be dressed in historical attire and will carry out some hands-on demonstrations that will enhance your understanding of the early settlement era.

The park is growing an entire patch of pumpkins (over 300 and counting!).

Bring your friends and family and:

  • Choose your own pumpkin (carve it with us or take it home)
  • Watch apple cider pressing demonstrations.
  • Tour a turn-of-the-century farm
  • Try a four foot long cross saw and make a keepsake medallion.
  • Enjoy a wagon ride
  • Try boiled corn, cotton candy, hot dogs, fresh corn, apple blossoms, and apple cider*

Everything (*except food) is included in the daily park admission:

Daily vehicle permit (however, there are many people in the car) $18.00
Permit for seniors (65+) $14.50
Disability Permit (with proof of Ontario Disability Permit) $9.00
bus permit $62.50

To help ensure day-use access, our visitors can plan their trip in advance and obtain a daily vehicle permit in advance.

Advance daily vehicle permits are available at 7:00 am, five days prior to arrival date. Reservations can be made online (here’s a tutorial on how to book, including how to use your seasonal permit).

Ready to celebrate the harvest?

The festival will take place on September 23 and 24 at Bronte Creek. Do not miss it!

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